Industrial IoT

IoT Production Monitoring System

The fourth industrial revolution IR 4.0 embraces cloud computing to store, manage and process data. It is also scalable and the computing power can be adjusted to fit your businesses need. The cloud enables businesses to reduce their operating costs through the elimination of the need to purchase and maintain expensive IT hardware. Further savings can be obtained by outsourcing the IT needs.

Features of our IoT Production Monitoring System
  • Electronic Inventory Management System
  • Extraction of relevant real-time data from production machines into a dashboard system
  • Electronic Document Management System for Manufacturing
  • Big Data Analytics module
  • Computerized Reporting System
  • Integrates several existing stand alone system into one system
  • Access user Dashboard system from anywhere, any devices, at any time
  • store and process all data on cloud

Our system helps manufacturers to:
  • improve production efficiency towards business excellence
  • have almost fully integrated production monitoring system
  • established and gain higher customer’s confidence
  • increase competitiveness within the industry
  • keep up with current technology and future readiness
  • monitor machines parameter with real-time data